Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard – Overview

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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard – Overview

NFT is on the rise. Currently, users interested in non-fungible tokens mostly see them as cryptographic tokens with digital graphics or cryptocurrency development companies. In the near future, the development of NFTs will transform the way we create, distribute and consume digital content.

These are 4 Metaverse cryptocurrencies with growth potential in 2022
options include a fee-free cryptocurrency that has powered millions of dollars in NFT sales from reputable companies such as Major League Baseball, Street Fighter, and Atari.

After Mark Zuckerberg announced the renaming of Facebook as Meta to emphasize the company’s focus on the Metaverse, the word became trending not only among VR fans but also in the media, technology and of course the commercial sphere.
The obsession with virtual spaces where people can communicate, work, study, or shop has also impacted the cryptocurrency market. With advances in buying virtual space in exchange for decentralized resources, the industry has seen dramatic jumps in the value of the currencies supporting such projects.

Given the opportunities that the metaverse is opening up in this sector, cryptocurrencies with a capitalization below $1,000 million and good growth potential in the coming year include WILD, Chromia, CEEK and WAXP.


Wilder World’s native token, WILD, is a metaverse based on the Unreal Engine 5 professional gaming engine on the Ethereum blockchain. While it is still under development, you can use it to acquire a variety of digital and real estate assets. The goal is to become a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) characterized by high liquidity, decentralization and openness to the community.

Wilder World offers a Mint Factory feature that allows digital artists to create, design and market their own NFTs.

The price of this cryptocurrency is $3.88 and its market value is $325 million.

Chrome (CHR)
Chromia (CHR) blockchain is compatible with Ethereum and allows you to enhance existing decentralized applications and build new ones, offering scalability, better data management and expanded charging capabilities.

Some popular games work on Chromia such as My Neighbour Alice and Mines of Dalarnia.

One of the latest features in development is a new NFT standard called Chromia Originals, which will act both as a native standard in the Chromia chain and as a compatible layer with the ERC-721 and BEP-721 token standards.

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of CHR is $0.79 and has a market cap of $452 million.


CEEK is a cryptocurrency also based on Ethereum technology and powering the CEEK VR platform which aims to become the future of music streaming and content creation. It also owns a patent for commercially available virtual reality glasses. The service is supported by several artists including Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Ziggy Marley and The Merkle.
platform offers a variety of options for earning tokens, creating digital assets and custom currencies, and other products for artists and businesses. In particular, CEEK VR is developing a virtual stage for live concerts.

The current value of this cryptocurrency is $0.68, and the market value of the project is $505 million.


Meanwhile, WAXP is the native token of the WAX blockchain that is used in decentralized video games such as Alien Worlds, Farming Tales, Prospectors and R-Planet, as well as in the creation and marketing of NFT, successfully facilitating millions of sales of non-fungible tokens from respected firms such as Major League Baseball, Street Fighter, Atari and among others.

What sets WAX apart from other blockchains is that it doesn’t require the payment of commissions. Instead, users deposit their coins to maintain transaction processing.

Waxp’s price is $0.49 at the time of writing, with a market value of $922 million.

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