What is CRM and how does it work?

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What is CRM and how does it work?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, i.e. software that manages and coordinates all customer interactions on a central platform.

What is RCMP?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to software that easily tracks all customer interactions and maintains relationships with potential customers. The CRM system collects customer data from various channels. Businesses today use many different applications such as calendar, Guest Posting e-mail, chats, spreadsheets as a standalone software’s to get their work done. CRM replaces all these applications, and businesses need not juggle between apps and can track every information they need from this centralized platform. Each and every team across the business can access this information to make timely decisions.

How exactly does CRM work?

CRM Software provides insights for the sales and marketing teams by providing them with a set of tools to manage the entire sales and marketing functions, from lead generation, lead nurturing to opportunity management, forecasting and finally closing the deal. With CRM you can efficiently manage your data and optimize your workflows in a unique way.
CRM solution allows users to track customer interactions across multiple channels. The CRM collects data from emails, social networks, phone calls, contact forms and much more.

CRM systems track, analyse and update information on the platform. CRM automates your daily tasks and offers various tools to measure performance and productivity. You will be reminded of tasks and other pre-planned activities, e.g. B. make a call, send an email, organize an event, etc. You have all the information stored in the system that allows you to plan business operations and take better actions. plan accordingly.

The CRM platform generally offers a list of features that are listed below:

Lead Management: The CRM tracks incoming leads and assists the sales team in manually or automatically entering lead information into the system. Based on this data, the team can analyse it.

Sales Automation: CRM automates steps in the sales process so your sales team can focus less on administrative tasks and more on interacting with and selling to customers and prospects. Sales automation ensures your sales process is consistent and streamlined.

Workflow Automation: With CRM, you can reduce your day-to-day workload and instead focus on other high-level tasks. Whatever you currently do manually, you can automate it with CRM. Whether it’s sending emails to new clients, contacting the right teams, assigning tickets, etc. – everything can be automated.

Analytics: Analytics in CRM provides data and insights that represent sales and customer service performance.You can make smart decisions that will help you increase sales and improve your customer experience.

Marketing Automation: The CRM system helps you use data to target personalized campaigns to your target audience. Marketing automation gives you a clear picture of potential customer behaviour. Your marketing team can streamline marketing efforts, increase engagement, launch campaigns and ultimately generate revenue.

Reasons to choose Apptivo CRM

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