The Undermining’s and Discrepancies


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The Undermining’s and Discrepancies

The subverting of schooling by charge excluded establishments, and the errors in the manner in which we accept our data made the populace have an absence of dialogical connections about squeezing and thorough subjects. Intentionally prompted obliviousness of the populace towards subjects like legislative issues and other significant issues through the impact SEME and web-based entertainment has on our temperament and decisions leans the perspective of the greater part to be arranged for them effortlessly.

While taking a gander at Plato’s way of thinking, our existence isn’t consistent. He envisioned a population of educated individuals who transcended ignorance and possessed the fervent desire to comprehend the eternal nature of reality. He also envisioned a school system based on morals and values as opposed to the current educational system, which emphasizes memorization and standardized testing without allowing for individuality or engaging questions about reality. Plato envisioned a political system in which politicians would have to show that they were fit to rule before they could have power over the state. In this system, politicians would not be motivated by their own personal wants; rather, they would be motivated by the drive for true justice. A population that may not believe what politicians say, but can still be tricked into conforming to the intended perspective by “operations and ideas [that] are so complex as to be beyond public understanding or control” (Dodd, N. 1954, pg.12) has replaced a society that did not trust the government but perpetually expected the government to demonstrate why they should be trusted.

We can easily avoid the repercussions that result from being unaware of how our educational system and technology affect us once we reevaluate our perspective on the world around us by comprehending the issues that are associated with the contemporary way of life. Despite the fact that I can’t say how we can execute this on a public or even a neighborhood scale, by continually screening our way of thinking through Plato’s we can decide if we are in quest for the timeless idea of the real world or on the other hand assuming we are up to speed in our own pride and determined obliviousness. The application of the three virtues will engender the fourth virtue, justice, which, in my opinion, has the potential to propel the individual into a more fulfilling life driven not by pride but by truth.