The most subjective of all business activities,

The most subjective of all business activities,

The hiring process is the most subjective of all business activities, but there is no universal hiring method. The hard truth: Since the hiring process is complicated by human bias and gut instinct, there is no one-size-fits-all hiring strategy.

From both sides of the desk, the hiring process is ultimately an emotional process. What might be a dealbreaker with one questioner would be disregarded by another questioner; such is the recruiting system, that is reality.

Do you like pizza? If so, what are the toppings? Are you a fan of westerns, sci-fi, romance, action, or thriller films? Do you track down Seth Rogen amusing? Canine, feline, or fish as a pet? Coffee with milk or cream?

Your preferences can be combined infinitely. Put this human truth into practice for hiring managers, and you’ll understand why the hiring process is fraught with human biases.

Each occupation searcher inquires: What are businesses searching for?

The response: There is no group of “employers.” Bosses are individual HR directors, C-suite Leaders, office supervisors, entrepreneurs, enrollment specialists, with individual, explicit trouble spots, combined with their separate human predisposition searching for workers to tackle their concerns.

My recommendation: Your mannerisms, attire, and résumé format should not be overemphasized. These do have a lot of weight, but how much weight they have varies greatly from employer to employer, industry to industry, region to region, and interviewer to interviewer.

The formula for successful job searching, according to well-intentioned career coaches, is A + B + C = “You’re hired!” How can there be a formula if “gut feeling” is at the heart of every hiring decision?

On the two sides of the recruiting work area, everything goes into “the blend” — past employing botches, predispositions, shared characteristics. Stop looking for the wrong jobs and employers if you want your success in the job search to grow exponentially! Think: I am not seeking employment; I want to find my tribe.

Search for businesses who get you. Search for similar individuals. Find a place where you are at ease. Search for bosses you relate to and jump at the chance to be glad to be related with. I know that’s harder said than done, but the effort is well worth it.

Yes, there are fundamental rules for looking for work, like making sure your résumé is free of errors and not chewing gum during interviews. But “principles” can change.