How Does Python help in Data Analytics

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How Python helps you analyse your data

The article describes the role of Python in data analysis. Data analysis helps in understanding various business trends and data.

Python is a programming language that helps you analyse data. Today we will learn how Python helps in data analysis.

What is data analysis?

Data Analytics is the analysis of raw data to find trends. Data analysis is a broad field with defined goals. There are basically four types of data analysis:

Descriptive Analysis: Descriptive analysis refers to the process of answering questions about what happened. It is more suitable for providing stakeholders with a description of the result. The visitor publishes relevant data, which is then analysed and then displayed. Descriptive analytics provide insight into the experience.

Diagnostic Analysis: Diagnostic analysis is the process of answering questions about why something happened. They collect descriptive analysis and then examine the data to find the root cause.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is the process of answering questions about what will happen in the future. This technique uses previous historical data to detect patterns in the data and determine whether or not they will repeat themselves. Predictive analytics provides insights into future trends. The technique uses a variety of machine learning and statistical methods such as regression, neural networks and decision trees.
Prescriptive Analysis: Prescriptive analysis refers to the process of responding to what needs to be done. With predictive analytics, decisions are made based on data. It helps estimate results by looking at past data.
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What is Python?

Python is a rapidly growing programming language used for web development and design as well as program design. Python is a very easy language to learn and implement. Python has many advantages. It is used in machine learning, machine learning and deep learning.

How does Python help with data analysis?

In order to use Python for data analysis, you must have a good knowledge of Matplotlib and CSV. Then you need to install pandas which can be installed with the following command;

pips install pandas

Create a data frame in pandas. Then read the data stored in the CSV files. Then import the data with pandas. Index your data with labels and math pandas. And this is how pandas are drawn.

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