Five key benefits of Microsoft Power BI for data scientists

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Five key benefits of Microsoft Power BI for data scientists

The importance of the Internet and computers in the business world cannot be overstated. Companies in all industries are dependent on the Internet and are increasingly using different applications. However, these technologies also evolve over time. Companies process huge amounts of data, which requires the use of special applications.

Why do companies choose BI solutions?

companies from different industries use special tools like Power BI for different reasons.
With these tools, they can easily spot upcoming market trends.
companies can assess the feasibility of their strategies using Power BI’s advanced data analytics capabilities.

Why use Power BI as your primary BI solution?

While other BI solutions are available, Power BI remains the solution of choice for many organizations around the world. Its advantage in this area is due to many factors.

Ease of Use: There’s no doubt that Power BI outperforms competing BI tools when it comes to ease of use. The program is really sophisticated, but the interface is simple. It can also be highly customized. Even if you’ve never used a BI tool before, you should be able to get started without much help. Most users get used to it without any problems. It offers a simple and intuitive user interface.

Seamless integration: Most companies that install BI solutions use many other applications, so the BI tool must be compatible with these applications and cloud services. The Power BI service is the best in this category. It is compatible with various Microsoft applications and cloud services. It also works with various third-party programs and database systems. It also helps to import data from multiple sources. With Power BI, companies don’t have to worry about application support.

Extensive data visualization capabilities: Merely analysing huge amounts of data is not enough. The BI tool should have sufficient data visualization capabilities so that you can use the analysed data to create visually appealing reports. Power BI has numerous functions and possibilities for data visualization. It comes with tons of maps, charts, and graphs, as well as the ability to use images and other multimedia content. This allows users to make the most of the data while getting the message across to their target audience.

Easily create and share reports: After analysing a large amount of data from many sources, your company needs to create useful reports that can be shared with all employees. Reporting is a breeze with Power BI. Using its built-in features, you can create visually appealing reports in a matter of minutes. The generated reports can be shared with other users in a variety of formats. You can even share these reports with people who don’t use Power BI. Reports, for example, can be exported in PPT format.

The Flexibility of Use: If you think BI tools like Power BI are solely used by technological giants and MNCs, you’re wrong! The truth is, Power BI is for businesses of all sizes and types. If you have a new or growing business, use the free version, which offers many features. Licensed cloud versions are available for customers with large budgets. It can also be downloaded as a mobile app.

Powerful: Much of what Power BI does can also be done with spreadsheets. However, Power BI outperforms the competition in terms of computing power and efficient use of computing resources. Large data files can be processed faster. There is no noticeable delay when compressing or decompressing a volume of data. It seamlessly connects to supported data sources and automatic data synchronization collects data at set intervals.

When using a BI tool that interacts with large amounts of data, protecting data security is paramount. The good news is that Power BI includes data security measures. For example, AAD is integrated to authenticate users.

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